Emergency Help Me

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Message your friends for help when you feel you are in trouble.
This application is available on both the Apple app store and Google play.

There are 2 ways to do this either by pressing the help me button, to immediately send messages to friends via SMS or Push Notifications.

Or press the Emergency trigger; the program makes the phone look like it is off. When in reality the program is active, a timer counts down; 5 seconds before messages are sent out the phone vibrates. Warning you that you need to touch the screen. If you don’t touch the screen messages are sent out and will continue to be sent out, until the emergency mode is canceled. This mode can only be canceled by holding the screen for 3 seconds and the typing in your password.

The message that is sent (in both modes) contains a link to your current location. This is done using the GPS tracking built into your phone. The emergency mode can also record audio, just incase you need evidence.

Note this program has to be closed manually, so that it can keep monitoring your location.


The first time the program is run it will ask you to enter a name, email address and password.
– The name is sent in the automated message.
– The name and password are used to cancel emergency mode .
– The email address is used to receive, push notifications. This email can be used on any phone that you have, so that you can upgrade your phone and still receive messages from your friends.

You will then need to add contacts, make sure that the contact details have a phone number and an email address; if you want them to receive either form of message.
The phone number is used for SMS messages, and the email is for push notifications.


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